About Us


“I am so grateful to all the vignerons that I have visited over the past 9 years; for opening their houses, for the discussions and wine discoveries, exposed their thoughts and welcomed incredibly thrilling exchanges of ideas, making me a more thoughtful taster, and allowing me to see their site of the story.“

Opening bottle after bottle while tasting or having lunch or dinner, and making me understand what are my responsibilities facing my clients.

The work of each wine list is the personal selection of each sommelier, based on their cuisine and style. We can’t expect restaurants to have the same wines… just because we like them.

I want to say a big thank you to all the vignerons that trusted me with their wines, and gave me the opportunity to place their “juice”, stories, ethos & passion at Víno~Thíki.



Tasting different style of wines should be our goal, it opens new horizons and increases our wine possibilities.
These people are putting their “blood, sweat & tears” for what we come to enjoy daily… We need to respect the vignerons work… each wine should be different and once we accept that, we can enjoy more wines.

A huge thanks goes to the Lapierre family; Mathieu, Camille, Anne and Marie (Marcel’s † wife), for whom I’ve worked with from June 2015 to November 2017 and experienced at first-hand what it means to be a vigneron.
All the people I’ve met in Villie Morgon, Beaujolais and beyond and became friends with, that opened their homes and made me feel one of them. I’ve learned amazing things and I feel lucky to go through this experience.

Ευχαριστώ, thank you, Je vous remercie, grazie, gràcies, gracias, grazas, à ringrazià ti

Georgios Hadjistylianou a.k.a. terroirsta-cy