Celler Jordi Llorens

Conca de Barberà
*Passion arises from the constant observation of nature in its vineyards: it is one of those who believe that almost everything that leads to good wine happens on earth and in the vine.
La pasión nace de la observación constante de la naturaleza en sus viñedos: es de los que cree que casi todo lo que lleva a un buen vino sucede en la tierra y en la cepa.

The soils of la Conca are daughters of the sea and evaporation, they are populated with maquis, pine groves and cereal fields, have frank soils with detrital or evaporitic carbonates, they have been cared for with care: they are austere but generous lands.

The cellar named after him in the township of Blancafort, is a continuation of the family, eight generations which had been devoted to the culture of the vine for ages. Right from the start, he set out to make organic wines with the aim of achieving products of the highest quality while respecting the environment.

When you make wine, “in search of the roots, find all its meaning”. Jordi’s wines are wines full of freshness, authenticity and all the aromas and sensations that the lands of the Conca de Barberà gifts you.



2015 BLAN 5 - 7, Parellada-Macabeu